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Holy Eucharist

The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist

This is the final Sacrament among the Sacraments of Initiation. Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist at the Passover meal the day before He died. (Lk 22:14-20)

First Communion

First Communion Group 1 (May 6, 2012). Pictured are
seminarian Joshua Roldan, Fr. Jim, Karen Corcoran and Fr. Guenter

First Communion

First Communion Group 2 (May 13, 2012). Pictured are OLPH teacher,
Fr. Jim, Karen Corcoran and OLPH School Principal Lillian Kurnick

'At the Last supper, on the night he was betrayed, our Saviour instituted the Eucharistic sacrifice of his Body and Blood. This he did in order to perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout the ages until he should come again, and so to entrust to his beloved Spouse, the Church, a memorial of his death and resurrection: a sacrament of love, a sign of unity, a bond of charity, a Paschal banquet 'in which Christ is consumed, the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory is given to us.' (CCC 1323)

The Holy Eucharist is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. At Mass, when the priest pronounces the words of consecration, "This is my body...this is my blood" the substance of bread is changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus and the substance of wine is changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus. This is why Catholics fast one hour before receiving Communion and if they are not in the State of Grace, they go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion. Another way that we show our respect and belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is by genuflecting as we enter the Church.

When Catholics receive Holy Communion, they spend some time in a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus for coming to their souls. This is a very special time when we speak personally to Christ who is physically within us while the sacramental species are still present (about 10 minutes).

Jesus promised, "I will be with you always until the end of time" on Ascension Day (Mt 28:23). Now His promise is fulfilled in the Holy Eucharist. We may make a visit to Jesus at any time because He is always present in the tabernacle.

At different times during the year, Churches have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The priest places the host in a monstrance so that the faithful may adore Jesus in the Holy Eucharist for prolonged periods. Some Parishes have Eucharistic Processions through the streets.

The Latin rite of the Catholic Church uses unleavened bread and some of the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church use leavened bread. In every rite of the Church, the Holy Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life."

Pastor's Letter to Parents regarding First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation

Dear Parents,

Many "firsts" in the life of a child such as their first cry, first word, and first step occur within the context of the family. With your initiative and faith, your child received the first Sacrament of the Church - Baptism. Afterwards, it was you who first spoke to your children about God. Now it is the time for your child to recognize the saving love of God in either the Sacraments of Reconciliation or the Sacrament of the Eucharist or both, depending on which of these two sacraments your child has not yet received.

At the Second Vatican Council, the Church taught that the family is the "Domestic Church" and parents, by word and example, are the first heralds of the Faith with regard to their children. While appreciating all your efforts to nourish the spiritual life of your child, we your pastors, and all the parishioners of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, pledge our support and assistance in preparing your child for these sacraments.

Within the Archdiocese of Toronto, a great deal of emphasis is put on the responsibility for the preparation for the Sacraments being shared by parents, Catholic schools and the parish. This calls for co-operation, involvement and a concerted effort on the part of all of us. For those whose children attend Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, your child's teacher is responsible for the on-going religious instruction of your child and this includes an in-depth period of preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. For those children who attend a public or private school or who are being home-schooled, the parish will provide an in-depth period of preparation for your child for these two Sacraments. This preparation will take place during the 9:30am liturgy on Sunday Mornings beginning ______TBA______. You will need to make it possible for your child to be present for these sessions so that they will be ready for the reception of these Sacraments.

Whether your child goes to the Catholic School or to some other school, we will be having some preparation sessions at the Church for you and your child to attend together. We will also be providing you with some material for you to work with your child at home in preparation for these Sacraments. We ask you to make a commitment to attend all the sessions at the Church and to do the homework with your child. Your child's readiness for these sacraments will only be as good as the effort you put into making it happen and to fail to do so deprives no one but your child.

In order to assist the parish financially we are asking you to make a $25.00 donation to cover the cost of the materials we will be using in preparation for these Sacraments. If this amount is a problem for you in any way you only need to let us know and to make an offering of whatever is possible for you, if anything at all.

Day to day life is quite hectic for all of us. Because of this, we have fixed the dates of the preparation sessions and the actual celebration of the Sacraments so that you can get the dates in your calendars. The celebration of these two Sacraments should be a joyful and important event in the life of your child. If you are willing to accompany him/her on this faith journey, please complete the registration form (which can be picked up at the parish office during business hours) and return it to the parish office before _______TBA_______.

May the faith and example of St. Mary and St. Joseph, who helped Jesus himself to grow in wisdom and in faith, be your strength and inspiration.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Rev. James Hannah Pastor
Joselito (Joe) Oriasel Seminarian Assistant

For those who have children not attending Catholic Schools you must present their Baptismal Certificate before classes begin.

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