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♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Oct. 26 - Nov. 1)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Oct. 19 - Oct. 25)

upcoming Events

♦ The Parables of Jesus - Two Scripture Series starting Sept. 23 (Tues) or Sept. 24 (Wed) to Nov. 12 at Scarboro Missions

For those who have ears to hear, the parables of Jesus reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom. For those who do not, the parables of Jesus are just stories. Explore the mysteries of the Kingdom through the parables of Jesus. Choose either Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings - see details in poster

♦ Social Justice Teaching Series - "What would Jesus do?" Mon. Sept. 29 to Nov. 10

A 5-Part Teaching Series on Social Justice will be presented by Scarboro Missions and St. Martin de Porres Parish. They will be held on Monday evenings starting Sept. 29, at 7 - 9 pm at St. Martin de Porres Church, 4179 Lawrence Ave. East. See details in poster

♦ Leadership for Ministry with Maturing Adults: Creating a Vision - Thurs Nov. 13 and Nov. 20

This is a one day workshop to raise awareness of a new vision for Senior Adult Ministry. It is for those dealing with or working with men and women in the second half of life and for those interested in this ministry. The workshop will run from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm – please bring a “brown bag” lunch. The facilitator will be Sister Mary Rose Marrin CSJ, graduate of the Johnson Institute for Spiritual Gerontoloy and Maturing Adult Faith Formation. There will be two locations for the same workshop:

Sr. Mary Rose recently gave a second 4-session series on "Spiritual Growth in the Second Half of Life" - an informative series enjoyed by OLPH attendees. More info on poster as well as Workshop details on 2-page Pamphlet

♦ Windows on Theology "The Once and Future Jesus" - 8-week starting Wed. Sept. 17 to November

An exploration of the identity and significance of Jesus Christ from New Testament times down to the present. By Prof. Jeremy Wilkins, eight weeks at 11:00 - 1:00 pm at Regis College. For more details

♦ Catholic Family Services - Schedule of "New Beginnings" 2014-15

This is a Ministry dedicated to help people who have suffered the loss of a loved one through death, separation or divorce. New Beginnings Schedule for 2014-15


♦ Archdiocesan Upcoming Events

While we try to highlight Events (above) that are more likely to be of interest to OLPH parishioners, please take a look at this comprehensive list of Archidocesan Events covering all regions of the Archdiocese, which is updated regularly - www.archtoronto.org/events_news/events.html


Please check out other events at the following sites:

General Information

♦ Daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - 9 am to 5 pm, Mon to Fri

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is available at St. Alphonsus Church at 540 St. Clair Ave. W., just west of Bathurst. All those wishing to pray before the Blessed Sacrament are welcome.

DAILY MASS & ROSARY on TV & online Web

Mass for 7 days a week is available for the shut-in, sick and others unable to attend mass:

Daily Web Mass (video broadcast) - www.canadiandailymass.com
This site provides daily mass recorded by various TV channels. The video's are comprised of four separate segments: the entire mass plus individual videos - reading, gospel and homily only. This service is produced by the National Catholic Broadcasting Council.

Pray the ROSARY online with people all over the world or alone - www.comepraytherosary.org . It's a great way to visualize the mysteries of the Rosary. The accompanying Images of the Holy Land has also been added as visual aids while praying the Rosary.

Salt & Light TV also carries mass and rosary with two options: (a) watch on TV but you need Rogers Digital (Ch. 240) or (b) watch it LIVE on computer via the Internet by going to their website http://www.saltandlighttv.org and clicking on "Watch Live" on Top Menu (Alterntively, you can go directly to the Live broadcast by going to their subdomain http://live.saltandlighttv.org

Daily mass in French - Mon - Sat at 8:30 am and at 17:00 pm (rebroadcast)

Note: S & L also have numerous other programs such as Lectio Divina, Perpetual Help Novena, etc. See the monthly TV schedule at http://live.saltandlighttv.org/prog_schedule.php. Also note that some programs are in English, French, Italian and Chinese

HMWN Radio Maria
HMWN Radio Maria (Holy Mother World Networks) is Canada's Catholic Radio Station, broadcasting in English 24 hours a day. The principal scope and mission is to broadcast religious programs faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. HMWN promotes the Gospel's message of joy and hope for the family, the sick and the lonely. HMWN Radio Maria provides the spiritual renewal of the Catholic faithful with the Word of God through devotion to Mary. For more information about daily programs and to listen live, visit www.hmwn.net

Archived News - 2013 (for Beyond the Parish)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Oct. 12 - Oct. 18)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Oct. 5 - Oct. 11)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Sept. 28 - Oct. 4)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Sept. 21 - Sept. 27)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Sept. 14 - Sept. 20)

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♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Aug. 31 - Sept. 6)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Aug. 23 - Aug. 30)

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♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (July 20 - July 26)

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♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (June 29 - July 5)

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♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (June 1 - June 7)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (May 25 - May 31)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (May 18 - May 24)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (May 11 - May 17)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (May 4 - May 10)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (May 4 - May 10)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (April 27 - May 3)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (April 20 - Apr. 26)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (April 13 - Apr. 19)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (April 6 - Apr. 12)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Mar. 30 - Apr. 5)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Mar. 23 - Mar. 29)

♦ Pope Francis: A Year to Remember on his First Anniversary

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis on Mar. 13, 2013. The Catholic Register has followed his papacy closely over the past one year and now looks back on a "Year to Remember" - see list of articles in this online March 12th Register issue

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Mar. 9 - Mar. 15)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Mar. 2 - Mar. 8)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Feb. 23 - Mar. 1)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Feb. 16 - Feb. 22)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Feb. 9 - Feb. 15)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Jan. 26 - Feb. 1)

♦ 17 REASONS Pope Francis is an Extraordinary Leader

Some one has collected these reasons (in pictorial format). Read the reasons. There are gaps in the PDF document as photos cannot be split over two adjoining pages in a PDF file.

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Jan. 19 - Jan. 24)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Jan. 12 - Jan. 17)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Jan. 5 - Jan. 11)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Dec. 29 - Jan. 4, 2014)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Dec. 22 - Dec. 28)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Dec. 15 - Dec. 21)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Nov. 24 - Dec. 2)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Dec. 8 - Dec. 14)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Nov. 17 - Nov. 23)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Nov. 9 - Nov. 16)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Nov. 9 - Nov. 16)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Nov. 2 - Nov. 8)

♦ Some recent articles on a variety of topics (Oct. 20 - Nov. 1)

♦ Numerous articles about the Pope and others this week (Oct. 13-19)

♦ Numerous articles about the Pope and others this week (Oct. 6-12)

♦ Numerous articles about the Pope and others this week (Sept. 29 - Oct. 5), including secular media

♦ Bringing the Church to life - via Salt & Light TV

Salt + Light, Canada’s Catholic broadcaster, is launching "The Church Alive", “a series for the New Evangelization on the New Evangelization,” says co-host Sebastian Gomes - who with co-host Cheridan Sanders agreed to undertake this 13-part television and web series with the plan that it should “be different than every other kind of religious television,” said Gomes. Read more in Sept. 28th Register...The first episode introducing the New Evangelization airs on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET. For more info and schedule for the 13-part series.

♦ Pope offers lessons on qualities of those in ministry, nuncio tells bishops

In his final address to Canada’s Catholic bishops Sept. 23, the papal nuncio told the bishops Pope Francis was giving them “a powerful lesson on the qualities that should characterize the episcopal ministry.” Read more in Sept. 27th Register

♦ Pope Francis at the 6-month mark seems a force of nature - by NCR's John Allen

As it's come to be understood in the 21st century, the papacy is really an impossible job. A pope is expected to be the CEO of a global religious organization, a political heavyweight, an intellectual giant, and a media rock star, not to mention a living saint. Any one of those things is a life's work; rolled together, they're a prescription for perpetual frustration. Yet at his six-month mark, which falls today, Pope Francis is drawing better reviews on those five scores than anyone might reasonably have anticipated back on March 13. Read more in the Sept. 13th National Cath. Reporter

♦ Prison yoga, meditation classes to expand across Canada - about Sr. Elaine MacInnes

Sr. Elaine MacInnes, founder of Freeing the Human Spirit is well known in Catholic circles, but perhaps not as much beyond. She doesn't want to be reminded but the amazing Sr. Elaine will be turning 90 next February! Read more in Sept. 5th Toronto Star

♦ Francis reboots Vatican system with new Secretary of State

In a small world such as the Vatican, personnel is always policy. Nothing says more about where a pope wants to go than the people he chooses to help get him there, and pride of place in that mix generally goes to the Secretary of State, by tradition a pope’s “Prime Minister.” Read more in Aug. 31st Nat. Catholic Reporter article

♦ The reformers (of the Vatican)

The eight cardinals Pope Francis chose to advise him on Vatican reform in general have reputations as strong leaders of the Church in their own countries and on their own continents. Read more in Aug. 18th Register

♦ Vatican reform aims for a Church that serves the world

A world Church needs a world perspective and Pope Francis knows it, Cardinal Oswald Gracias told The Catholic Register on a visit to Toronto Aug. 9th. Read more in Aug. 18th Register

♦ Taking the challenge to interfaith unity

More than 180 scholars, activists and students gathered in Toronto to talk about how to advance interfaith relations - as part of the 25th Anniversary of the NAIN (North American Interfaith Network). Read more in Aug. 17th article in Register

♦ Francis in Brazil a tale of four trips (WYD Rio 2013)

Physically speaking, Pope Francis made only one July 22-28 trip to Brazil to mark the Catholic church's World Youth Day. Existentially, however, the outing was so rich in content that it was actually more akin to four trips in one. More in John Allen's Aug. 12th article in National Cath. Reporter

♦ Reliving WYD Rio-2013 on S&L TV plus Register's Digital edition

Did you miss any or all of the orignal telecasts of WYD (July 22 28)? Well, you can catch all of it again this week (Aug. 12-18) via Salt & Light TV. Check the TV Schedule at http://saltandlighttv.org/schedule/ - it roughly follows the original schedule of 3 weeks ago. You can watch it on TV via Rogers Chan. 240 (if you have) or you can watch it on their website http://saltandlighttv.org/ and click on "Watch Live".

The Catholic Register has published a special digital edition to celebrate WYD and the Pope's first international trip - Read more

♦ Changed forever by ‘Women of Courage’

I spent two weeks in June in the Republic of Congo representing the Canadian Religious Conference as part of a five-person delegation called The Women of Courage. The delegation’s name was deeply inspiring and humbling. Read full story by Sr. Mary-Ellen Francoeur,sds in Aug. 4th Register

♦ Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In Toronto and around the world, people commemorated the 68th anniversary of the first nuclear weapons ever used against a civilian population — the atom bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Aug. 6 and 9, 1945. Read more in Aug. 7th Register

♦ New Pope a man of style and substance

Less than six months into his papacy, Pope Francis still seems very new, very different to the world. In particular, his relationship to the media has caused a sensation. Newspapers around the world have headlined the Pope's remarks on homosexuality with the "Who am I to judge?" soundbite. More in Aug. 6th Register

♦ At Marian shrine, Francis is world's pastor

Shortly after his election, Francis celebrated a Mass at the Vatican's parish church of St. Anne, standing outside afterward to shake hands, give hugs and kiss babies. That display of ordinary pastoral concern quickly earned him the title of "the world's parish priest." Read more of John Allen's article in July 24th National Catholic Reporter

♦ Pope tells bishops, other ministers fidelity is key to evangelization

With the young pilgrims of World Youth Day, Pope Francis was encouraging and challenging; with the bishops, priests and religious who minister to them he was firm and blunt. Read more in Register's July 27th article

♦ Salt & Light to telecast much of WYD Rio (July 22-28)

S&L TV will provide extensive TV coverage (many Live) during the WYD week, including Pope Francis' visit starting on July 22nd. See detailed schedule. There are two options for viewing: (a) watch on TV but you need Rogers Digital (Ch. 240) or (b) watch it LIVE on computer via the Internet by going to their website http://www.saltandlighttv.org and clicking on "Watch Live" on Top Menu

♦ Pope Francis visits Pope Benedict, asks him to join WYD in prayer

Pope Francis paid a personal visit to retired Pope Benedict XVI, informing him about the final details for WYD in Rio de Janeiro and asking him to pray for Pope Francis and for the pilgrims who will gather in Rio July 23-28. Read more in July 19th Cath. News Service

♦ Pope creates body to revamp Vatican's bookkeeping, fiscal responsibility

Pope Francis has named a new commission to investigate current accounting practices among all Vatican offices and bodies and to help devise new strategies for greater fiscal responsibility and transparency. Read more in July 19th Cath. News Services

♦ Pilgrim of the poor: Pope prepares to return to his home Continent (July 22-29)

When Pope Francis met Brazil President Dilma Rousseff at the Vatican in March, just after his Mass of inauguration as pope, he reportedly started their conversation by saying, "I'd like to thank you for everything you have done for the poor..." Read more in the July 12th Cath. News Service

"Pope Francis plays subtle game of saintly politics"

Numerous articles on Pope Francis canonizing his two predecessors are available (as below). But here is an insightful analysis in the July 7th Toronto Star, a reprint of article by E.J. Dionne, Washington Post columnist. Read full story

♦ Pope clears the way for the canonizations of John Paul II and John XXIII

Pope Francis signed a decree clearing the way for the canonization of Blessed John Paul II and has decided also to ask the world's cardinals to vote on the canonization of Blessed John XXIII, even in the absence of a miracle. Read more in July 5th Catholic News Service

♦ "Lumen Fidei" at a glance

Here are the main points of Pope Francis' encyclical "Lumen Fidei" ("The Light of Faith"), released July 5. Christian faith is the guiding light of a "successful and fruitful life," illuminating "every aspect of human existence."
Read more in July 5th Catholic News Service

♦ The Register chosen North America’s top Catholic newspaper

The Catholic Register has won the prestigious John P. Foley Award for excellence in Catholic journalism - plus other awards. Read full story in June 28th Register

♦ "Brave New World" - Pope's first 100 Days

The morning after becoming Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis checked out of his hotel by paying his own bill and then calmly strolled into his new life. It was a novel way to launch a papacy but, then, over his first 100 days the new Pope has been making novelty commonplace. Read more in June 19th Register

♦ Pope, Anglican leader meet, pledge to continue search for unity

Pope Francis and Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, pledged to support each other with their prayers and to continue the search for full unity between their communities. Read more in June 14th Catholic News Service

♦ Pope is a 'spiritual success' who will emphasize change, rabbi says

An Argentine rabbi who is a close friend of Pope Francis said he thinks the pope is "wonderful" as leader of the universal church and is also "a spiritual success." Read more in June 12th Catholic News Service

♦ Pope will not summer at Castel Gandolfo

Unlike many of his predecessors since the early 1600s, Pope Francis has decided not to spend the summer months at the papal villa in Castel Gandolfo south of Rome, although he will observe a reduced schedule in July and August. Read more in June 7th Register

♦ Keeping up with Francis: The nuances of Vatican communications

Of the various innovations that Pope Francis has already introduced into the way a pontiff lives and works, one of the most significant is his celebration of weekday morning Masses with invited guests. Read full story in the May 31st Catholic News Service

♦ Church should be less serious, more loving, says Pope

The Catholic Church needs to revive its loving and tender side, which gets lost when the Church becomes too serious, Pope Francis said. Read more in May 16th Register

♦ Pope says there are no part-time Christians; faith is a full-time job

Catholics can't put their faith on a part-time schedule or rely on it just for the moments they choose; being Christian is a full-time occupation, Pope Francis said. Read more in May 15th Cath. News Service

♦ Catholic Register is now available in a Digital Edition

Every weekly edition of The Catholic Register is available in print and digital formats, which means the paper in its entirety can be delivered how you want it: to your doorstop, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. www.catholicregister.org/digitaledition

♦ Pope tells sisters the Church needs them, they need the Church

Pope Francis told 800 superiors of women's orders from around the world that the Catholic Church needs religious women and that religious women need to be in harmony with the faith and teachings of the Church. Read more in the May 8th Register

♦ St. Michael's Choir School performed for the Pope - April 10

As part of their 75th Anniversary celebration, the Choir School is travelling in Italy, including a performance for the Pope. You can see and hear a short clip from - S&L TV's Perspective via YouTube. You can also read about the Choir School in the April 13th Toronto Star article

♦ Some interesting Papal articles and videos

Media coverage continues with "fascination and curiosity" of our new Pope Francis. The following links may be worthwhile to look into:

♦ Historic times with election of Pope Francis

There is much media attention with the election of a new pope. The news is changing almost daily in these early times of his papacy - so please get Catholic perspectives from these suggested media sources:

♦ Catholic Register's Michael Swan in Rome

The Register's Associatet Editor Michael Swan will be reporting from Rome to give a Canadian perspective on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the conclave to elect the next Pope. Check here for updates and check out Pope Benedict steps down our special, easy-to-view section on Benedict's last days, plus all the breaking stories from the Vatican.

♦ Pope Emiritus Benedict's Photo Album

Benedictus XVI’s Photo Album (from the Vatican) - This is a good 62-page album in a book format - www.vatican.va/bxvi/omaggio/index_en.html. To turn page, move the mouse to the right/left edge of book to find the forward/back arrow. There is a link (») on each page connecting to a Vatican resource (his address, encyclical, etc).

♦ The Papal Transition

Cardinals from around the world are assembling to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. The Register's special section honours Benedict's final days and reports on the coming conclave. Read more in the March 1st Register

♦ Papal Shocker - Benedict XVI to step down as Pope

There has naturally been much media coverage after Pope Benedict XVI made the stunning resignation announcement on February 11th. But to get a Catholic perspective, through the Catholic Register`s article - "To Benedict, the Church came first".

Clarity and charity, the Gospel proclaimed and Jesus at the heart of the Church will always be the legacy of the great teaching Pope who led off the 21st century. The Pope may have surprised the world by announcing his withdrawal from the See of Peter, but his courageous decision to put the Church and the office of the Pope before any other consideration was absolutely consistent with his character. Read more in Feb. 13th Register

There is a good source of links on this historic decision listed in the Catholic News Service at www.catholicnews.com>

♦ Archdiocese of Toronto Launches Pastoral Plan - February 2013

pastoral plan

Cardinal Thomas Collins has promulgated the Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese of Toronto. To coincide with the launch of the plan, this weekend we are distributing a summary of the document, an important resource that will help guide our faith journey for years to come. All Catholics are encouraged to pray and discern how each one of us can contribute to the overall goals of the plan, living a faith that acts in all that we do. Visit www.archtoronto.org/pastoral to access the full Plan (in numerous languages) along with prayers, questions for dialogue as well as other helpful resources to continue the discussion. As the Cardinal says, this Plan is to provide a spiritual "roadmap" for 1.8 million Catholics of the Archdiocese living in 225 parishes.

♦ First World Interfaith Harmony Week in Toronto (Feb. 7)

Sponsored by the Toronto Area Interfaith Council, this Interfaith Harmony event had a theme "Looking for ways to work together". It was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. As it was at the start of a major snow storm, the turnout out was small but still about 40 attendees braved the storm, including the 9 invited interfaith guest speakers (see Interfaith Program).

Interfaith Harmony Interfaith Harmony

♦ Nigeria’s religious persecution caught Church by surprise

Church burnings, attacks on worshippers and suicide bombings in Nigeria are a recent phenomenon that threatens the longstanding harmony between Muslims and Christians, warned Nigeria’s new cardinal. Read more in Register's Feb. 8th article

♦ Finding faith's place in the City of Toronto (Jan. 24)

Faith leaders and concerned citizens replaced politicians in city council to discuss how faith communities can increase their participation in city building - in the "Faith in the City" conference. Read more in the Jan. 30th Register.

Faith in the City Faith in the City

♦ Cardinal Collins launches ‘bold vision’ for Toronto

Cardinal Thomas Collins has launched a Pastoral Plan for the archdiocese of Toronto that proposes creation of a “Cathedral Block” to transform St. Michael’s Cathedral and surrounding area into a place of pilgrimage as the centrepiece in a relentless campaign of evangelization to “win the world for Christ.” Read more in Feb. 24th Register. There is much more coverage of the Pastoral Plan on pages 14 and 15 of the paper version of the Jan. 27th issue of the Register.

♦ World Interfaith Harmony Week welcomed to Toronto this year

The United Nations Initiative, which originated in 2010 and is meant to promote peace, love, tolerance and understanding among followers of all religions, will run Feb. 1-7 at various Toronto locations. The theme for Toronto will be looking for ways to work together. Read more in Feb. 25th Register

♦ Vatican says 2.3 million people joined pope for Vatican events in 2012

More than 2.3 million pilgrims and visitors joined Pope Benedict XVI for an audience, liturgy or prayer at the Vatican or Castel Gandolfo in 2012, the Vatican said. Read more in Jan. 4th Register

♦ Toronto faith leaders to tackle ‘Faith in the City’

Toronto’s city council chamber is famous and infamous for political battles, bitter oration, deals struck and deals undone. On Jan. 24 something will happen at Toronto City Hall that’s never happened before. Read more. See item below in Upcoming Events for Jan. 25th event.

♦ The e-Catechism of the Catholic Church

When Lindsay Rigby hears her phone beep in the wee hours of the morning, she knows it isn’t a work e-mail or a friend messaging her about going out for lunch. The little beep indicates that the rich tradition of the 2,000-year-old Catholic Church is being delivered to her iPhone. Read more in Dec. 21st Register

♦ Pope launches Twitter account, tweets to more than 1 million followers

Pope Benedict XVI launched his very own Twitter account, sending a short inaugural message to his more than 1 million followers. Read more in Dec. 12th Register

♦ Regis College Announces New Stream - Spirituality for the Wisdom Years

Regis College invites those who have passed the mid-point of their life journey to enjoy an informal gathering of five credit courses in spirituality, mature faith formation, scripture, and theology to explore the contours of meaning as they journey through their wisdom years. For more info

Archived News - 2012 (for Beyond the Parish)

♦ Nativity story's significance continues to unfold today, writes Pope Benedict

The Nativity story, like the whole story of Christ, is not merely an event in the past, but has unfolding significance for people today, with implications for such issues as the limits of political power and the purpose of human freedom, Pope Benedict writes in his third and final volume on the life and teachings of Jesus. Read more in Nov. 20th Register

♦ Advent is time to renew faith and bring God's Love to others, Pope says

Advent's liturgical preparation for Christmas calls Christians to renew their faith in the reality of God's great love and to make a commitment to bringing his love to the world today, the Pope said. Read more in Dec. 5th Register

♦ With @Pontifax, Pope reaches out to new kind of follower

To celebrate the launch of his new Twitter account, Pope Benedict XVI will tweet the answers to a handful of questions from his followers. Read more in Dec. 3rd Register

♦ Papal events, Vatican webcam feeds streamed live with new 'Pope App'

The Vatican is offering a new app that provides live streaming of papal events and video feeds from the Vatican's six web cams. The 'Pope App' also will send out alerts and links to top stories coming out of the Vatican's news outlets. Read more in Dec. 4th Register

♦ Regis College Announces New Stream - Spirituality for the Wisdom Years

Regis College invites those who have passed the mid-point of their life journey to enjoy an informal gathering of five credit courses in spirituality, mature faith formation, scripture, and theology to explore the contours of meaning as they journey through their wisdom years. For more info

♦ Canadian priest appointed Holy See's head of protocol

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Msgr. Jose Bettencourt, a native of Portugal who grew up in Ottawa, as the Holy See's head of protocol. Msgr. Bettencourt is only the second non-Italian to hold the position. Read more in the Catholic Register

♦ New archbishop of Canterbury shaped by Catholics

The newly appointed leader of the world’s Anglicans, Bishop Justin Welby of Durham, is a former oil executive who said his spiritual director was a Catholic monk. Read more in Nov. 15th Register

♦ Toronto’s interfaith director to be honoured by Christian Jewish Dialogue

For Christian Jewish Dialogue of Toronto, talk is precious and deserves to be honoured. Read more in Nov. 9th Register

♦ Students re-imagine popemobile

They say the sky’s the limit. Just don’t say it to someone as practical as Toronto native Eric Leong. Read more in Nov. 9th Register article

♦ Pilgrims flock to Rome to celebrate their new saints

Wearing Native American beads and feathers, Hawaiian leis, classic Filipino shirts, or German dirndls, Catholics from around the globe gathered in St. Peter's Square to celebrate the recognition of seven new saints. Read more in Oct. 22nd Register

♦ Our native saint: Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawk - canonized Oct. 21

The Catholic Register continues the Year of Faith coverage by celebrating the canonization of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native North American to become a saint. They have produced this special section that highlights her life of faith, courage and hope. Read more in the Oct. 18th Register

More info on Salt and Light TV - http://saltandlighttv.org/kateri/ - provided earlier in Upcoming Events below

♦ Toronto Cardinal 'becoming a parish priest' as honorary pastor in Rome

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto took possession of his titular church Oct. 23, celebrating an evening Mass at St. Patrick's Church in Rome.Read more in the Oct. 24th Register

♦ Pope names six new cardinals

The pope surprised pilgrims at the audience by announcing he would create the new cardinals at a Nov. 24 consistory. Read more in Oct. 24th Register

♦ Canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha - Oct. 21 (Sun) in Rome

Information is now published on the CCCB site - regarding special events in Rome and in Canada - for the canonization of North America’s first aboriginal saint. Events will be mainly on Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 with the canonization mass of Blessed Kateri and six others on Oct. 21 in St. Peter’s Square. Salt & Light TV will show that at 10 am ET (repeated at 4 pm and 9 pm) - check S&L TV schedule

♦ A church built for Vatican II liturgy

There’s more to the liturgy than which words are spoken when and by whom. There’s more to it than can be captured by any one language, living or dead. Read more in Oct. 20th Register

♦ Bishops tell synod church needs lively parishes, bible literacy

The solemn yet exuberant liturgies of African Catholic churches are a model for other Catholic communities seeking to invigorate their parishes and reach out to lapsed members. The celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments must be "more efficacious moments of faith impact". Read more in Oct. 16th Register

♦ Converts top 3 Catholic things are penance, pope, Mary

Adult converts to Catholicism regularly cite three things about Catholicism that they find attractive: the sacratment of confesssion, the pope and devotion to Mary, said New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan. Read more in Oct. 16th Register

♦ What is the new evangelization?

Since the late Pope John Paul II coined the phrase in an address to Latin American bishops in the late 1970s, Catholic thinkers, writers, theologians and pastors have debated what the new evangelization really means. Read more in Oct. 13th Register

♦ Study group to study youth catechism

A new youth study group aims to help young Catholics find answers to their questions about faith. Read more in Oct. 12th Register

♦ Catechism, at 20, maintains importance as a resource for Catholics

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the best comprehensive presentation of the Catholic faith in hundreds of years, said Vancouver Archbishop Michael. Read more in Oct. 11th Register

♦ Pope Benedict recalls Vatican II with praise and criticism

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, published a short reminiscence of the council by Pope Benedict XVI. Read more in Oct.11th Register

♦ Wealth of Info about Vatican II and its 50th Anniversary

Some references were provided below about Vatican II and its aftermath, 50 years after the historic event. Additional sources now include:

♦ Two bishops tell students tales of Catholic life up North

The urban youth from Canada’s largest city got a crash course in northern life with the visit of two bishops who experience Canada’s far north every day. Read more in Oct. 5th Register

♦ Pope authorizes granting of indulgences for Year of Faith events

Catholics who participate in events connected with the 2012-2013 Year of Faith can receive a special indulgence, the Vatican said. Read more in Oct. 5th Register

♦ October 11, 2012 a Milestone day in history of Church

October 11th marks a milestone for these events:

♦ Pope names record number of women, including Canadian, to Synod on Evangelization

The Oct. 7-28 Synod of Bishops will include the largest bloc of women - 10 experts, including Sr. Gill Goulding of Toronto's Regis College, and 19 observers. Read Register's Sept. 24th article

♦ Motion 312 defeated, but wins support of 10 cabinet ministers

The defeat of Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 on Sept. 26 was expected, but the level of support, including that of 10 cabinet ministers, came as a welcome surprise to pro-life groups and political journalists. Read Register's Sept. 27th article

♦ Renaissance revealed at AGO Spring 2013

This spring the Art Gallery of Ontario invites us into Florence before 1348. "Revealing the Renaissance: Art in Early Florence" will bring together altar pieces and manuscripts directly from Florentine churches, the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the AGO. This major new exhibition runs March 16 to June 16, 2013. Read entire Catholic Register article

♦ Becoming Neighbours’ website started

Started in 2003, their companion program matches immigrants & refugees with members of 20 Catholic religious congregations, including Scarboro Missions, St. Joseph Sisters and others. They have finally launched their website - www.becomingneighbours.ca. They help as friends, guides and mentors during the newcomers’ initial adjustment to Toronto – assisting them to become active participating members of the community. Their office is located at SFM but operate independently of SFM. Their current director is Fr. Peter McKenna with several assistants (416-267-4817).

♦ Being Catholic is believing in Church, Vatican doctrinal chief says

An interesting interview with German Archbishop Gerhard L. Muller, named prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in early July. Read more in the July July 25th issue

♦ Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick joins Toronto archdiocese

During Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick's July 25 ordination, significant figures in his life raced through his mind. Read full article in July 25th issue

♦ Kateri feast day draws Native American Catholics eager for own saint

With the beat of a drum sounding and the scent of burning sage and sweet grass permeating the hot, humid air, Native American Catholics honored a woman they already consider a saint July 14, her feast day. Read full story of July 16th

♦ Green burial option for Catholics on its way

With the opening last month of a new green burial option in the GTA, eco-conscious families now have more choices for burying their loved ones. It’s just that it’s not an option - yet - at a Catholic cemetery. Read full Register article of July 12th

♦ A silver for journalistic excellence for Catholic Register - June 28, 2012

The Register was recognized as the second best national Catholic newspaper in North America at the Catholic Media Conference awards ceremony June 22 in Indianapolis. Read full story of June 28th

♦ "There’s no Mass like a Roman Mass" - June 26, 2012

My husband Mark and I returned recently from a week’s holiday in Rome. We went every day to restaurants, munching seafood and slurping wine with friends, but what we enjoyed most was going to Mass. Read full Register article

♦ New General Council of Scarboro Missions and Interview with new Moderator - July 1, 2012

The 15th General Chapter of Scarboro Missions that ended on June 1st elected the following General Council members:

Read about their - interesting biography. Also Read Register article of July 1st with the new Moderator, Fr. Swords - "Missionary orders try to maintain their relevance in the modern age"

♦ Protestant interest in Shroud of Turin grows

Read a very interesting article on the Shroud of Turin recently published in the Catholic Register - click here

♦ Pope approves Archbishop Sheen's heroic virtues, step toward sainthood

Pope Benedict XVI has approved the heroic virtues of U.S. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the Vatican announced June 28, clearing the way for the advancement of his sainthood cause. read more

♦ 2012 Clergy Appointments

Read list from Catholic Register for all appointments. Fortunately, Fr. Jim is staying at OLPH!

♦ Bill-13 passed into law

Bill-13 is now law in Ontario which means Catholic schools must allow gay-straight alliance clubs if requested by students. Read entire Catholic Register article

♦ Newly ordained deacons are heralds of Christ

14 new deacons were ordained at St. Michael's Cathedral. Read Catholic Register article with list of names

♦ Cardinal Collins defends non-GSA approach to school bullying

Cardinal Thomas Collins is puzzled and troubled by the Ontario government's reversal on a key aspect of Bill-13 but says it's premature to speculate on a court challenge to keep gay-straight alliances out of Catholic high schools. Read Catholic Register article

♦ Kirkpatrick bishop appointment means there's a new lawman in town

Msgr. Wayne Kirkpatrick is about to join Toronto's team of bishops with the credentials of a lawman. But he's a canon lawyer who has never forgotten that canon law has a purpose. Read full Register story

♦ TCDSB launches new pastoral plan

The Toronto Catholic District School Board's new 3-year pastoral plan will focus on virtues of faith, hope and charity, one for each of the next three school years. Read full story

♦ A peek into JERUSALEM in IMAX

After a year of research and preparation, this giant Imax 3D screen film, JERUSALEM, is scheduled for worldwide release in 2013. The film takes you on a spectacular and unprecedented aerial tour throughout Israel the Holy Land and the city once believed to lie at the center of the world. To see it in full screen - click on the "4 small arrows" at the bottom right hand corner (if you don't see it, move cursor over image) Click here

♦ Pope names Cardinal Collins to Vatican congregations, councils

Pope Benedict XVI named Toronto's Cardinal Thomas Collins a member of the Congregation for Catholic Education, which supports and guides the work of Catholic schools, universities and seminaries, as well as naming him a member of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. The announcement was made April 21 at the Vatican as the Pope gave cardinals created in February their assignments. To learn about other appointments please read Catholic Register article

♦ This year's ShareLife contributions are on the rise - up by $160,000

Things are looking optimistic for the 2012 ShareLife parish campaign as contributions are up compared to last year after the first ShareLife Sunday on Mar. 29. Read article

♦ Benedictine nun who as a young actress starred with Elvis returns to film

If you watched the 84th Academy Awards on Feb. 26, you might have caught a glimpse of Mother Dolores on the red carpet. Read article and see photos Read article

♦ Anglican Catholics welcomed into the flock

On the Octave Sunday of Easter, two bishops of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) will lead their clergy and people into the Catholic Church. Read full story

♦ Cardinal Collins opposes Ontario Casino Plan

Citing the additctive and potentially destructive nature of gambling, Cardinal Thomas Collins has expressed "real concern" about an Ontario government proposal to open more casinos and slot machines and to take its' lottery business online. To read Catholic Register article in depth click here

♦ Marking the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II - Magazine welcomes comments

Scarboro Missions magazine has published a special issue marking the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII in 1962. All articles in this Jan-Feb 2012 issue are now posted on the SFM website - read magazine. One can easily leave commentary and dialogue at the end of each article in this Vatican II issue.

♦ Faith and Secularism in the Public Square

Read the transcript of Cardinal Collins' speech to the Canadian Club on the encounter between faith and secularism - click here

♦ Bringing retreat reflection to the everyday

Vanessa Nicholas-Schmnidt, program director of Faith Connections - www.faithconnections.ca runs the busy person's retreat. Read full article

♦ St. Michael's Choir School ranked Ontario's top high school

Toronto’s St. Michael’s Choir School topped the list in the Fraser Institute’s Ontario high school rankings for the second consecutive year. Read full story

♦ New Archbishop of Montreal has been appointed by the Pontiff

Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte and appointed Christian Lepine to succeed him as Archbishop of Montreal. Read entire Catholic Register article

♦ Toronto's prayers offered on First Anniversary of Japanese earthquake

Toronto’s Japanese Catholic Community has prayed for Japan as the country continues to rebuild following the devastation of the 9.0 earthquake-tsunami that struck March 11, 2011. The small group (www.torjcc.ca) gathered on the first anniversary of the disaster for its regular monthly Japanese Mass at the Scarboro Missions and special prayers for Japan. Read full story

♦ Archbishop of Canterbury to step down, take university job

The leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, has announced his resignation. Read full story

♦ Rise in tech use by congregations mirrors that in society, survey shows

The rise in congregations' use of technology over the past decade mirrors its use in the wider society. Read full story

♦ Future priests share the stories of their call at 2012 Ordinandi Dinner

This year's four priestly candidates shared their stories with a crowd of more than 1,900 at the 22nd annual Ordinandi Dinner. Serra International, an organization promoting vocations to Catholic religious life, hosted the evening. Read full story in Catholic Register

♦ Former Anglicans celebrate Mass in St. Peter's, give thanks to Pope

For perhaps the first time ever, Anglican hymns, chants and prayers reverberated off the marble walls of St. Peter's Basilica as some members of the world's first ordinatiate for former Anglicans ceelbrated their coming into the Catholic Church. Read entire article

♦ Canonization Mass in October will bring seven new saints including Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

World Mission Sunday in October will be marked by creating new saints including the first Native American to be beatified. Read Catholic Register article

♦ Fasting: a time for a fresh look?

More people are practising voluntary fasting than you would guess. Read more

♦ Cardinal Thomas Collins receives his red biretta

Thomas Collins became the 16th Cardinal in Canadian history and only the 5th from English Canada. Read full article with photos and videos in Catholic Register

♦ Toronto Catholics can join celebrations

Catholics in the GTA are being invited to pray and celebrate with Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins when he returns from Rome as Canada's newest cardinal. Read article from Catholic Register

♦ Lent is a time to help others

In his Lenten message, Pope Benedict XVI called on the faithful to be concerned for one another and "not to remain isolated and indifferent" to the fate of others. Read entire article

♦ Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins – "Being A Christian isn’t for Sissies"

Read full story in Toronto Star of Feb. 11th

♦ Toronto Catholic Archdiocese a multi-million dollar organization in transition

Read full story in Toronto Star of Feb. 11th

♦ Confession: Celebration of Mercy - not trial before prosecution

Priests hearing confessions need to replace any negative or aggressive attitudes with meekness and mercy toward the penitent, said a Vatican expert on confession. The Sacrament of Reconciliation "has led to a unilateral overemphasis on the accusation and listing of sins" said Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary, a Vatican court that handles issues related to the sacrament of penance. The end result is that the blessed embrace of the merciful Father is "put on the backburner". Read entire article from Catholic Register

♦ The following was posted during the Week of Christian Unity (January 18 – 25, 2012) but which is still relevant at any time

Scarboro Missions has contributed much to the following areas:

♦ Counting our Canadian cardinals - Collins is #16

Cardinal-designate Collins becomes the 16th cardinal in Canadian history. Here is the entire list

♦ List of 22 new cardinals named by the Pope

Pope Benedict XVI named 22 new cardinals, including one from Canada and two from the United States, and announced a consistory for their formal induction on Feb. 18. See the complete list

♦ Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins elevated to Cardinal

Cardinal-designate Thomas Collins is not anticipating great changes in his life after Pope Benedict XVI officially elevates him next month to the College of Cardinals. Read Catholic Register article. For more info about Cardinal-designate

♦ February consistory to create new cardinals will feature changes

In part to avoid giving the impression that becoming a cardinal is a sacrament or quasi-sacrament, Pope Benedict XVI will use a revised streamlined prayer service to create 22 new cardinals in February. Read entire Catholic Register article


♦ Donations can be made with click of mouse in Toronto Archdiocese

More info is provided in the Parish News. But an overview of this new method of donation is provided here - read Register article

♦ St. Michaels chooses first layperson to head school

Terence Sheridan is first lay person to lead school but he is no stranger to the Basilian tradition of the community. Read Catholic Register article

♦ Hopes fade for Anglican ordinariate

As hopeful Anglo-Catholic parishes across Canada completed two months of catechetical study Dec. 18, dreams of a Canadian Catholic ordinariate for ex-Anglicans are fading. Read entire Catholic Register article - www.catholicregister.org/news/canada/item/13535-hopes-fade-for-canadian-anglican-ordinariate

♦ Pope Clears Way for Kateri Tekakwitha's Canonization

Canada’s first aboriginal saint is to be canonized perhaps as early as Spring 2012. For full details and story, read Catholic Register article - www.catholicregister.org/news/canada/item/13540-pope-clears-way-for-kateri-tekakwitha’s-canonization

♦ Visitors trying to get behind St. Michaels Cemetery Gates

Read about this 156 year old Catholic cemetery at Yonge and St. Clair. More details

♦ Pope marks the 25th Anniversary of the First Interfaith Gathering in Assisi

The Pope led 300 delegates for a peace pilgrimage to Assisi on Oct. 27th, marking the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 interfaith gathering with the late Pope John Paul II. More info in the Register

The Toronto Area Interfaith Council was also sharing in Assisi's interfaith spirit on the evening before the Assisi event, by holding a gathering at the Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto. More info

♦ Pope proclaims three New Saints on Oct. 23rd

The three European saints each founded religious orders in the 19th century working in missionary areas and on behalf of society's disadvantaged in Europe. More details in Register

♦ Lisa LaFlamme - Reading the News and keeping the Faith

The new chief anchor of CTV National News, Lisa Laflamme, told the Catholic Register that her catholic faith has helped her learn empathy, the concept of truth and "doing right by another person". She has taken these values with her to the prestigious position she started Sept. 5th when she replaced the long-time CTV anchor, Lloyd Henderson. Read more in Register article

♦ Pope celebrates Mass in Berlin's Olympic Stadium

On his first day on Sept. 22, Pope Benedict XVI appealed for a better understanding of the church, one that goes beyond current controversies and the failings of its members. Read more

♦ Papal Journeys on Salt & Light TV

If you missed the Holy Father’s Apostolic Journeys and special Masses to different countries (Spain, UK, Malta, etc), you can still catch a recap and summary of his various trips at - http://saltandlighttv.org/apostolic/

♦ TCDSB Launches Summer Playground - Parent Tips for Summer Learning

The Toronto Catholic District School Board launched TCDSB Summer Playground this week. The program, found on the TCDSB board website, is designed to help parents support their children’s learning throughout the summer months. Each week, the site will provide new tips, activities, and resources to assist parents in keeping children of all ages (K-12) engaged and active in learning.

Parents and students are invited to visit the TCDSB Summer Playground each week at www.tcdsb.org/summerplayground, for activities that highlight fun with technology, learning at home and learning in the community. For more info, contact Gina Marrello, Program Coordinator, TCDSB at gina.iulianomarrello@tcdsb.org or call 416-222-8282 EXT. 2533.

♦ World Youth Day - Regional Celebration, Aug. 19-21, Martyr's Shrine, Midland

For more information including registration and how you can attend for free, log onto www.ocytoronto.org

♦ The New Roman Missal

The new English language translation of the Mass prayers will be the most significant development in the way we celebrate Mass since the Vatican II reforms of the liturgy almost 50 years ago. For a preview of the new translation, a sample text can be viewed at www.usccb.org/romanmissal/order-of-mass.pdf

♦ Financial Relief for the People of Japan

For those wishing to make a financial contribution to the relief efforts in Japan, you may do so in any one of the following ways:

All funds raised will be forwarded to Caritas Japan, through our Development and Peace office which is the Caritas representative in Canada. Caritas is the Catholic Church’s official international relief organization. The funds will be held in trust by Caritas Japan to support the rehabilitation and recovery needs in that country as they emerge over the next three to five years.

♦ Toronto's Japanese Catholics unite in Prayer after Japan Earthquake-tsunami

Just two days after the devastating March 11th earthquake and tsunami, the Toronto Japanese Catholic Community gathered for their regular monthly Japanese mass at the Scarboro Missions. They prayed collectively for their own families/friends and especially for all who died and are now suffering. For over 30 years, this small Community has been spiritually cared for by the Scarboro Missions priests who have spent many years in Japan.

♦ Lectio Divina series inspires Archbishop's new book

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins's monthly Lectio Divina sessions have provided the inspiration for his new book, Pathway to our Hearts: A Simple Approach to Lectio Divina with the Sermon on the Mount. The archbishop started Lectio Divina when he was the archbishop of Edmonton because he thought it was important for bishops to speak the Word of God to the people. An audience of about 50 people was on hand for the launch of the book at the Catholic Pastoral Centre on March 11. To purchase book online, go to www.josephsinspirational.ca, www.amazon.ca, www.indigo.ca and through Pauline Books and Media www.pauline.org. Cost is $14.95

♦ The Vatican YouTube Channel for the Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Everyone is familiar with the late pope but here is a good 2-min capsule of his numerous global visits - http://www.youtube.com/johnpaul2

♦ Salt & Light TV article in Toronto Star (Feb. 24)

As Canada's first national Catholic TV network, the CEO of Salt & Light, Fr. Thomas Rosica, wrote "On Feb. 24th, Canada’s largest daily newspaper published an article on our work. We invite you to read it here - www.thestar.com/business/article/944277--let-there-be-salt-light. Building bridges with mass media outlets such as The Star is an important part of our ministry – and reflects a great need in the Church. We continue to devote all of our energies and resources toward spreading stories of hope and the light of Christ through all media platforms at our disposal."

♦ Bishop Hundt appointed new bishop of Corner Brook and Labrador

Bishop Peter Hundt of the Archdiocese of Toronto replaces Bishop Douglas Crosby who was appointed bishop of Hamilton last Septenber. Pope Benedict XVI has also named London Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Daniels as bishop of Grand Falls,Nfld.

♦ Bishop Lacroix to succeed Cardinal Ouellet in Quebec City (Feb. 22nd online Catholic Register)

The search for Cardinal Marc Ouellet's replacement came to an end on Feb. 22 when the Vatican announced that Bishop Gerald Lacroix will become the new archbishop of Quebec.

♦ Archdiocese introduces Marriage Sunday

Introduced in the Archdiocese this year, this initiative complements World Marriage Sunday celebrations that takes place in many dioceses throughout North America. More info about Marriage Sunday Resources at - www.archtoronto.org/marriage/

♦ New round of talks in Anglican-Catholic dialogue" (Feb. 9th online Catholic Register)

When they meet again, they face the challenge of adding to some of the most substantial and carefully reasoned theological documents written in the last 35 years.

♦ Anglican-Catholic dialogue opens new phase (Feb. 3rd online Zenit News)

The Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission is opening a new phase of dialogue with a meeting scheduled for May 17-27. Read more

♦ Canada's bishops invite young people to a life of chastity (Feb. 1st online Catholic Register)

Canada's Catholic bishops have issued a countercultural message to young people inviting them to lead Lives of Chastity. For the original document from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, click here

♦ Canadian Church to enter into dialogue with Evangelicals (Jan. 19th online Catholic Register)

The Catholic Church in Canada has agreed to begin a formal theological dialogue with Evangelicals.

♦ Pope John Paul II miracle approved, beatification now set for May 1st (Jan. 19th online Catholic Register)

Pope Benedict XVI approved a miracle attributed to Pope John Paul II's intercession, clearing the way for the late pope's beatification on May 1st.

♦ Former Anglican Bishops received into Catholic Church (Jan. 5th online Catholic Register)

Three former Anglican bishops were received into the Catholic Church just hours after they officially gave up their ministries in the Church of England.

♦ Bishop Vincent Nguyen delivered inspiring address at Scarboro Missions on Oct. 31, 2010

The first Catholic Bishop of Asian descent in Canada gave an inspiring talk entitled "Spiritual Journey - from a Boat Refugee to a Catholic Bishop in Canada". There was a large turnout estimated at about 140 at Scarboro Missions. Only ordeained in January 2010, the new Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdicoese of Toronto spoke about his martyred Vietnamese great-great-grandfather and his own early desire to become a priest. Also about his difficult escape from Vietnam in 1983, his small boat being attacked by pirates and his 18 months spent in a refugee camp in Japan before arriving in Canada. This event was organized by the Renrakukai (a group of 8 Toronto Japanese Christian Churches), including our Toronto Japanese Catholic Community - www.torjcc.ca.
Many pictures from the event are posted on TJCC's online e-Album on Picasa

Bishop Vincent Nguyen, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto

Bishop Vincent Nguyen