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Weekly Sunday Envelopes

Should you wish to use envelopes to make your donation to the parish, you may obtain them by contacting the parish office either by phone (416-489-1540, ext 221) or by e-mail at office@olphtoronto.com .

Envelopes will be issued in your name and you arrange either to pick them up at the parish office or to have them placed in the vestibule of the church so that you could pick them up on Saturday or Sunday when you come to church.

The box of envelopes includes envelopes for each Sunday of the year as well as Renovation & Maintenance and envelopes for Christmas, Easter and for all of the Special Collections that are taken up across the Archdiocese for various charities.

Each time you use an envelope, please place your name on the envelope and write on it the amount of money (whether cash or cheque) that is included within. This ensures that the parish office is able to correctly credit you with your actual donation.

Envelopes for the subsequent year are prepared and distributed towards the beginning of December of each year. The envelopes will be placed in the vestibule of the church for you to pick up. Those that are not picked up will be removed from the vestibule prior to Christmas to make room for Christmas decorations and from that point on envelopes will need to be picked up from the parish office or arrangements made with the office to leave them for you in the vestibule.

Early in the new year, income tax receipts will be issued to all those who donate $100.00 or more to the parish in the preceding year. For those who give less, income tax receipts will be issued upon request. These receipts will be placed in the vestibule for several weeks for pick up, thus saving us significantly in postage. However, those that are not picked up will be mailed out at the end of February.

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