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Pre-Authorized Giving Program

The Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) Program enables parishioners to have their parish offerings transferred directly from their bank account to the parish on a monthly basis. It has many beneficial aspects for both the parishioners and the parish.

Benefits to Parishioners

Benefits to the Parish

Whatever amount and/or way you wish to make your offering (weekly or PAG), please know that your support of the parish is greatly appreciated.

Steps to Subscribe to PAG

  1. Determine monthly amount as outlined in PAG Donation Guide (below)
  2. Complete Authorization Form (below)
  3. Submit a VOIDED cheque
  4. First withdrawal will come on the 20th of the month following PAG subscription.

PAG Authorization Form

To take advantage of the Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) program, please follow the links below to access the Authorization Form and the Giving Donation Guide.

Authorization Form - if you wish to participate, print the form in either Word format or PDF format and submit it with voided cheque to the parish office or in the weekend collection basket.

Attention NEW parishioners - please return to Online Registration page when you are finished with PAG in order to send registration information to office.

To Change or Withdraw from PAG

With one month's notice in writing (either by email or regular mail), your contribution amount can be adjusted at any time (up or down) or cancelled if circumstances change.

PAG Donation Guide

If you are in the habit of contributing to the parish only monthly, then shifting to monthly pre-authorized giving is not a problem. The amount you gave in your envelope each month is the same amount that you give through pre-authorized giving. But if you have been in the habit of giving each week then it is a little more complicated. The temptation is to think that your monthly contribution would simply be four times your weekly contribution. But the fact is that there are several months in which there are five weeks. Therefore, in order to continue to give the same offering to the parish on a monthly basis as you would if you continued to give on a weekly basis, you need to figure in those months that have five weeks.

To assist you with this, we have prepared the following chart which we hope might be helpful to you. Instead of multiplying your weekly donation by four, you actually multiply it by 52 to determine how much you give per year and then you divide that figure by 12 to determine how much you need to give each month to maintain your current level of offering.

Please note that all the figures have been adjusted to the closest dollar in order to avoid having to deal in "cents".

Weekly Donations of:Equals annual donations of:Equals Monthly donations of: