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Parish Donations


If you participate in the community by attending mass, whether regularly or occasionally, you are encouraged to contribute financially to the parish. Without your support, the Church doors simply cannot remain open.

Your generosity is not only greatly appreciated but urgently needed on a continuing regular basis to meet everyday expenses such as heat, light, maintenance, repairs, etc. Even the services of staff are covered by your financial contributions. Any amount that you can afford to contribute is helpful - $5, $10, $20, etc. No amount is ever considered trivial. No one is expected to do more than they can.

Financial Support of your Parish Community

There is a common expectation among Catholics that the parish will always be there when you need it whether that is every Sunday or merely the significant moments of life - including the following:

These are all fair expectations! However, what some Catholics do not seem to understand is that all these expectations take money and that it is the parish community that is responsible for seeing that the financial resources required are made available. Otherwise, all of those things outlined above and so much more become impossible.

Some people, because they are financially able to do so, contribute generously to the parish. Their generosity is both essential and much appreciated. But the few cannot carry the many. It takes everyone in the community doing what they can financially to ensure that the parish has the resources to meet the financial commitments that providing service requires.

You will find on this web site more information about the various ways in which you can contribute to the parish financially on a weekly or monthly basis as well as ways to make special financial gifts to the parish. We ask everyone to please do your part to ensure that the resources and services of the parish are here and available for all when they need them.

Methods of making Donations

  1. Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) Program
  2. Weekly Sunday Envelopes
  3. Online Donations using credit card
  4. Planned Giving